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I know everyone will be super excited about their new little bundle joining them. And so you should. But here are some pointers to help the day go smoothly. Your pup may feel a little overwhelmed with the change. This is normal, after all, the siblings and security from the siblings are gone. The entire environment is different and all the faces and voices are different. The smells and noises are also different. So it is a lot for a little one to take in. So keep things calm and be patient. Now some puppies will go crazy with fun. Everyone is different and this is normal and ok. 

  • If you have small children have them sit with their bottoms on the floor before introducing them. Puppies can wriggle and drop out of arms of little ones. So no walking around carrying them. 
  • If you have other pets. Be present at all times during the introduction. Don’t make a fuss of the pup. Treat them as equal. The older animal does need to be able to say enough to a new puppy if the puppy becomes to full on. The pup needs to learn the boundaries 
  • Rules. These are the rules you want to create. What ever you want the pup doing as an adult then set those rules now. Eg  if you don’t want the puppy on the bed when grown up. Then don’t let it on the bed now. Don’t let the puppy get away with things now because it is cute and then get grumpy when it does it as an adult. Then you also have to un teach what you just allowed. So be consistent from day one. And everyone from the same household needs to be on the same page.  So a family discussion may need to be had. 
  • Water – water is to be available in a non spill Bowl at all times. No other fluids. Just fresh water
  • Food –  feed three times a day. What ever the pup does not finish. Remove it and give nothing until the next meal. Don’t leave food down as this will make for a fussy eater. Don’t stress if your puppy does not eat too much in the first 24 hours. This will settle as the pups settles in. Do NOT offer different food or treats. This will upset the tummy and then its back end. And guess what. You will need to clean it up so please listen to this advice. Also you don’t want to be giving your pup an upset tummy. 
  • Sleep- Your puppy will do lots of this and it needs to. So no waking it up all the time to play. I recommend you put your pup in its playpen with its comfy bed after a play so that it can rest peacefully.   
  • Night time sleep. This is up to you how to handle it but I do recommend the open crate in the laundry set up. It can also help to have a radio playing quietly in the background so they do not hear every single house noise and think they need to get up.  Now some will cry and others won’t. I recommend you do not go to a crying baby. They will settle but if you go to a crying pup then they will cry longer next time. 
  • Some people like to do the crate beside your bed to settle the pup. This also works but is a lot more work. You need to do what feels comfortable for you. 


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playpen setup
  • Toilet training. Puppies need to go a lot to the toilet. As soon as they wake up. After a feed. After a play. And lots of time in between. You need to watch your pups body language. It may start sniffing the ground or circling its body. All signs it needs to go. So scoop your puppy up and take it to the designated spot outside. Say nothing. Stand still. The pup will think it’s time to play because you went somewhere new. Just ignore it and it will remember what it was going to do. Praise when the job is done. Also after a feed give the puppy time to do both a pee and poo. Don’t take the pup back inside after the first pee. You will learn their cycle and know when you are likely to be outside for one or two jobs. I usually give three minutes for each outside visit. Pee in three is the motto I use.
  • Please don’t take your puppy to public places until they have had at least the 12 week vaccination.  If you need to try and keep them in your arms and off floors.
  • I know it will be tempting to show your puppy off to everyone but allow the bonding time with yourself first and then show away.

At the end of the day what you do and how you train your dog is totally up to you. I hope some of these tips have helped. Please just be patient and consistent with whatever method you choose.

An online trainer that I love is Susan Garrett from  she has lots of podcasts that you can listen to for free. Also online training courses if you so wish.

Now Go and enjoy your puppy. They will be all grown up before you know it.

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