Interstate Travellers - Townsville

About Flying

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We take every precaution to ensure your puppy has a safe and enjoyable flight.  It all starts at about 6 weeks of age where we start to prepare your puppy for flight conditions.  We train your puppy to associate the crate as a positive and secure place to be.  We fly puppies as early in the day as possible to avoid extreme weather conditions, especially in the summer.  Your pup will never be sedated.  It is most likely that your pup will sleep the entire trip and be ready for some play time on arrival.

We do not recommend you feed your puppy until you are home.  You may offer water.  When home your puppy may be quite hungry as we do not feed prior to flights to help avoid possible travel sickness.

We recommend that you bring a towel with you in case your puppy has had an accident in travel.  Also that you take your puppy straight home and not to visit all your relatives and friends just yet.

All puppies are fit and healthy for their flight or they simply will not fly. 

Puppies must be a minimum of 8 weeks before they are allowed to fly domestically.  They travel in the belly of the plane in a special section that is temperature controlled and separate from the luggage and cargo.  They are not allowed to travel inside the plane where the passengers travel.  So even doing a private pickup will not allow you to have them with you during the flight.

Cost Of Flying

Puppies need to travel in an Airline Approved Crate.  We will make sure that the size is appropriate for the size of the pup travelling.  The crate is included FREE with your flight costs, so you get to keep this, along with any Veterinarian Health Checks required prior to flying.  

Flights from Melbourne to Townsville are $295.00 
Transport to Departure Airport
Health Fit To Fly Certificate
Crate & Flight

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We can also organise connecting flights to  some smaller airports.  Separate quotes will need to be obtained.

Where Do I Collect

We will email you all the details you will need to know several days prior to the flight.. This will included the exact pickup location and time.

All your puppies paperwork will not travel with your puppy as the airlines no longer allow this.  So we send this by post directly after your puppy has been dropped off at the airport.  So it should arrive in the next day or two after your puppy.

We will text you to let you know your puppy has arrived at the airport in time for the departure flight and we definitely would love a text back to let us know that the pup is safely in your hands.

Townsville Airport

Jetpets Transit lounge

No Transit Lounge at Townsville

fit to fly certificate

This Health Certificate will be completed by us prior to your puppys flight

pickup times

MON-FRI  Between 08:00 – 19:00
Flight time will be emailed to you.

SAT-SUN closed.

what to take

Photo ID – Drivers Licence
Airline Ticket Number
Towel for Clean up