French Bulldog Stitch

Hi.  I am Stitch, The most precious and most important girl at True Blue French Bulldogs.  My Father is Doby.  I am one of his very first kids.  Hence why I am at the top of the girls pecking order.  So I believe anyway.  I am a blue brindle.   Some days I look more blue than brindle. I am very small and compact.  I am lucky to weigh 8 kilos.  Great size for sitting on laps. I am a bit full of my own importance.  I love my bed especially when there is a bone hidden in there.   I love to collect things and hide them in my bed.  Mum calls me the bower bird.  I don’t like the cold or wet and much prefer to be snuggled up inside where it is warm or cool.  I do love to swim even though I sink.  I only swim with the life vest on.  I don’t like the car rides.  Unfortunately I suffer with car sickness, so I get more mum time at home than on outings.   Though I have been good on my last few car outings.  I think I am getting better at this.

You may see me around locally as that is the most I tolerate with the car.  Though I much prefer mum leaves me at home.  So you may need to drop in to say Hi to me.  Happy to say Hi back if I’m not to busy sleeping or chewing on a bone.


Head of Preciousness... Now retired and living with a family

Blue Brindle.