French bulldog Peanut

Hi.  I am Peanut, the new Stud Master at True Blue French Bulldogs.  I am a Blue Tan in color. I am pretty easy going and love being around the activity.  I hate to miss anything going on.  I love company of the four legged versions as well as the two legged versions.  I always make a mess of my bedroom as I love to put my blankets just where I want them and not where mums puts them.  We seem to have this discussion everyday but my mum just does not get it.  

I love to swim, go for walks and go for rides in the car and mess up my bedroom.  Always happy to stop for pats and cuddles whenever out and about.  If you see me, come and say Hi.


Head of Breeding, Stud Muffin...

Blue Tan.100% clear of ALL hereditary Diseases.