How to Train?

French Bulldogs are a super friendly family orientated type of dog. They love to be part of the family and liked to be involved in all things. They can be full of antics that make you laugh each day. Just what the world needs more of really. Along with these antics can be the impression that their ears are painted on. Let me assure you that they are not. They can listen to instructions very well, you just have to be consistent and persistent. Everyone in the family also needs to be on the same page. Inconsistent rules will undo any dog training.

Some Frenchies can be super active and surprise their owners with their speed and agility. We like to call this doing the frenchie zoomies or out little pocket rockets. Yes, They love to do everyday things like chase balls, run, jump etc, just like a normal dog. They also like to do extreme things given half the chance. These bursts of high energy are normally shorter lived than the average dog but don't rule them out. On the other hand, others can look at you to say "Are you kidding, I don't do that Let's go for a walk thing." So don't always expect the couch potato.

There are some inbuilt training features that come standard with French bulldogs. These are turning your bed down for you at bed time. Coming before being called for dinner. Helping with cleaning the kitchen floor of any spills. Warming up your favorite chair. Freely sharing their sound effects and smells. And best of all making sure your lap is nice and warm

French Bulldogs respond really well to positive based training. They can take being scolded to heart and become concerned around you. So I would avoid this type of training method. They are very eager to please in their own way. Don't over do the exercise and walks, especially whilst they are puppies. Avoid working them in the heat. Small burst of just 2 to 3 minutes of training 2 or 3 times a day will go much further than one long session of half and hour to an hour. They love to learn through games and it makes learning super fun for all involved. They can certainly enjoy surfing, skateboard riding, bike riding and most activities where they get to be the passenger. So go and enjoy your dog.

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