How to Play?

Frenchies love to play full stop. They are happy to create some of their own fun or be content with a chew toy, a ball or a squeaky toy. Play fighting with a humans is also desirable. If you have other dogs in your household, they will certainly love to play fight, but there are things you need to be aware of. Some Frenchies don't want to share their toys and can really like to play rough. Rough play is usually due to over-excitement, rather than aggression, so monitor their behavior but don't freak out if they get a little bit rough. They are a bulldog after all and can use their body like a bulldozer at times. As with any rule, there are exceptions, some frenchies will share everything with anyone or anything, but this is something to keep in mind whenever you have any multiple dogs playing together. I find that two to four frenchies can play beautifully together but as the numbers increase so can the "its mine" attitude. It only takes one to not play nicely and it can upset the group.

French bulldogs are not known for their swimming abilities. You need to presume your dog cannot swim as 95% cannot. They are a brick with little legs. Not an Ian Thorp. So in no shape or form are their little bodies designed to swim. They love to wade in waist high water and this is often the safest for them. If you plan on them swimming in the pool, please invest in a life jacket.

French Bulldogs can be very destructive on toys, so make sure you find appropriate toys that can stand up to their destructive behaviour and dont end up ingesting parts of a toy that could become a life threatening vet emergency. If a toy breaks, just throw it out rather than try to mend it. Totally not worth the risk.

Be super diligent if you have your French Bulldog around a pool as they will jump in before they realize there is no bottom that they can reach. It will take but seconds before they fall below water level. Once again there are exceptions to the rule and you will see videos of frenchies swimming. Trust me, it is very short lived and they will sink before you know it.

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