How to Groom?

French bulldogs dont have a lot of coat so they are fairly easy to take care of in this department. Regular bathing, especially with a medicated shampoo, will keep them clean and their coat nice and shinny, free from dust and dirt which will help keep their skin clean from any irritations. How often you need to bath depends on what you get up to with your dog. Outside playing dogs will most likely need a bath more frequently compared to a mostly indoor dog. Common sense should prevail here but a bath a month should keep your dog nice and clean.

Toes nails should be constantly tended to. This will prevent them from growing to long. Most people are unaware of just how short they should be. You should not be able to hear your dog walk across the floor. If you hear the tap tap tap as they walk, then this is an indication that they are too long. With constant little trims the quick will also retract back over time allowing the nail to get shorter and shorter. Little bits at a time consistently will help your dog become use to this procedure as a lot of dogs do not like the feel.

Regular cleaning with wipes of the skin folds around the face will keep your dogs skin in tip top shape. If you have tear staining, there are products to help remove the stain. Your dog can also benefit from eye drops if they are red or sore looking due to allergenes. It literally takes a couple of minutes a day and keeps your little friend from suffering any unnecessary bacterial infections that can grow in skin folds. Your vet or groomer will be able to recommend good products.

Feeding a quality dry food can assist with helping to keep your dogs teeth nice and clean. If you feed constant soft food, then you are more likely to have dental issues than dogs being allowed to chew of a hard type food. Personally I love to give big odd shaped raw bones. Not too much meat on it as it can upset some tummies, but the chewing on bones acts like a dental floss. If you see blood on the gums, do not become concerned. The bone is doing its job. Other methods can be to brush their teeth daily. Feed dental treats and chews. Play with dental toys. If you smell bath breathe on your dog, then I advice a vet checkup is in order to make sure they do not have a bad tooth that can then lead to other health issues, so jump on that fairly quickly.

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