How to House?

French Bulldogs do suffer from the extreme weather conditions. They do not like it to hot or too cold. Frenchies are at particular risk because they are a brachycephalic breed (with a flatter face and shorter nose) that makes it difficult for them to regulate their body temperature. So this is where us humans step in and take care of their needs. Some frenchies can handle the heat or cold better than others. Just the same us humans do. But overall, they are mainly an indoor dog. If they are outside during the day, they will need to be provided with shelter regardless of the temperatures. Weather can turn in a heart beat and you need to make sure you have your dogs needs covered in case you are unable to return home in time.

French Bulldogs make a great pet for small apartment living. They still love open space to play and have fun but are extremely happy to relax indoors regardless of the house size. If you have a bigger house, do not fear, they are happy to try out every room to find the one that suits them the best.

Frenchies love to be wherever the human is. Be VERY ready to share every room of your house. They are not a dog to be put in the backyard and left to their own devices. They are an indoor dog that are happy to spend time outdoors but not live there. Get my drift!! Unless you are ready to share your house, couch, tv, bed, favorite chair, heater, a/c, then they may not be the dog for you.

In all seriousness, the french bulldog is really an indoor dog that enjoys having outdoor access, especially through a dog door. They love to sun themselves on a cool day and then find the coolest place on a warm day. They enjoy outdoor time in the cold weather but do appreciate wearing a jacket to help keep them warm. I do recommend that your puppy also knows where their own bed is. There will be times when sharing everything with us humans is not appropriate. So they have to learn these boundaries also and I recommend you do this from day one that you bring your puppy home. I highly recommend that they are always safe and sound in your house when you are not home as they are a very popular breed and highly sort after by thieves. Nothing worse than coming home and finding your dog missing.

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