How to Care?

French Bulldogs biggest issue would be their sensitivity to weather conditions. Both cold and heat. They do get cold easily as they have short coats and open upright ears which disperse a lot of their body heat. So to combat this problem a simple dog coat or jumper will assist and help them maintain their body heat. Waterproof jackets are great for snow or rainy days. Jumpers are good for just cold type days. I also like to suggest a bed that has high sides so that they can snuggle up and avoid laying in drafts. You will be surprised when you get down to ground level how often drafts occur in your house. For the heat side of things. If you notice your frenchie starting to pant, then it's time to come inside and just chill out.

Feeding good quality food is worth the effort. It will nourish growing bones, give that shine to their coat, help keep teeth clean, and maintain a good weight. To keep your little buddy healthy is not that hard. Good verses junk. Easy! Frenchies also can have sensitive stomachs, so avoid any table scraps or rich foods and too many treats. Keep things simple. Their tummy will thank you.

French Bulldogs are very human orientated. They want to be a part of whatever you are doing. They will follow you from room to room, including the bathroom. They are very loving and just want to be with you, so take them with you when ever you can. If you are working all day every day and can only see them for five minutes a day, Then a Frenchie would not be the dog for you. Actually no dog would be the dog for you. Consider getting yourself a cat instead. LOL

French Bulldogs can get over excited and get the zoomies. Be mindful of young pups joints and prevent them from doing stairs or jumping off items of height. Slippery floors are another one to watch out for. It looks cute and funny watching them slide over the floor, but any pups joints are quiet open when young and they need time to develop, so its up to you to protect them from themselves. Grooming is fairly basic and easy to maintain. Just a few short minutes a day and your good to go. Don't over exercise, keep activities to age appropriate levels. Most of all enjoy their company and give them lots of cuddles and snuggles. Laugh at their antics and just have fun. Life is to short to get grumpy at them.

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