Guardian Homes

Providing our Breeding Girls with a Forever Family

Yes that is right. We love for our Breeding Girls to have a forever home of their own. This means that she gets to live with you and be part of your family but still comes home to us to have her babies. We get to share her for awhile.

This way, here at True Blue French Bulldogs, we are ensuring our girls receive that one on one love and affection in a home environment, that they so rightly deserve.

If you are interested in becoming a True Blue Guardian Family, your first point of call is to contact us. We do have an interview process and a visit of your premises will need to be completed. If you have other dogs, they must be desexed. Your property must be secure and some dog experience is preferred but not compulsory. There will be a legally binding contract.

So How does this Work?

Our Guardian girls are offered Free of Charge to an approved Guardian Family.  This can happen at any age between 2 to 6 months of age.  Sometimes we want to run a puppy on to make sure she has passed everything and fits our very strict breeding criteria.
True Blue French Bulldogs remain the owners of this puppy until her breeding contract is complete and then she will be desexed at our expense and you will become the owner of her.  The microchip details will also reflect this.  She will come to you vaccinated to age, microchipped and with a complete veterinary health check.  This is all at our cost.  We also complete some DNA Hereditary Diseases testing.  Once again at our cost. 

The Guardian puppy / dog is required to be returned to True Blue French Bulldogs for mating and whelping purposes( giving birth).   You are required to be able to return her when she starts her cycle.  This could be mid week or weekends.  You have to be able to accomodate for this as it is mother nature that states when she will be ready for breeding and not our events calendar.

A guardian girl will come into season approximately every 6 months.  This is when she starts to bleed.  It is very important that you are able to observe this and notify us immediately.  As these dates will determine when she is to be mated with the stud dog. Once the mating is completed, she can then return home to you until the later stage of pregnancy.  Approximately 7 days prior to her due date, she is once again returned to us for whelping. Once the puppies are weaned at about 6 weeks of age, she is then returned to you.   This entire process can be repeated 1 to 3 times. We desex her on the last occasion or shortly after where the breeding contract becomes complete and she becomes your full time girl.  Ownership will also then transferred over to you legally.

We obviously take great care of her whilst she is with us and you are welcome to visit her at any time.

What are your costs going to be?

We only offer girls for this program. They are normally offered between the age to 2 to 6 months but may also be older.

True Blue cover all the costs related to breeding of this girl. This includes any DNA testing, c -sections, medications due to birthing, Vet procedures, such as scanning, insemination, blood work testing etc. Also the desexing once the breeding contract is complete.

Your cost will be the normally day to day costs of owning a puppy/dog such as food, grooming, training, on going vaccinations, worming, council registration, boarding, daycare and any other vet expenses that may occur and that are not related to breeding. Such as being unwell, or an injury etc.

We do not charge you for the purchase of this puppy and in return we expect for you to honour the return of this puppy for this entire breeding process to be completed. You must also live in Victoria to be considered. If you think you may be moving interstate in the time you have possession of the puppy, then a Guardian home situation will not work for you.

We do urge you to consider this option thoroughly before applying. It is very rewarding but a commitment is required by yourself in order for this to work. We certainly discuss any questions you may have and you may find that the benefits of this program far outweigh the slight inconveniences. No family is ruled out because of any one point. We are always flexible and open to discussion. We love retired members of our community or families where someone in the family group is home often. We don’t mind if your family is a one person team or a multiple numbered team. It all comes down to what will work for the dog. We love to see these pups being part of the family dynamics including going on outings and adventures. If you think this could be you. Then feel free to make contact with us. Numbers of pups are limited for this program.

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