French bulldog Dizzy

Hi.  I am Dizzy a French Bulldog. Master Comedian at True Blue French Bulldogs.  I am really only Dizzy by name but sometimes I can behave dizzy by behaviour.  I love to run a muck and get into everything.  I am full of energy and love to go for big runs.  Absolutely love to do belly crawls commando style, somersaults and roll overs.  I should be a performing clown.

Don’t leave anything laying around as I will find it and take it to my hiding spot. Or better still you can try and catch me.  I love that game.  Mum calls me the thief of the family but really I am only cleaning up after my family.

I am jet black and shine in the sunlight like a beacon.   I adore to say hello to everyone so feel free to come and say Hi to me.


Head of Comedy, Up and coming breeder..

French Bulldog – Solid Black, Carries Blue and Chocolate.
a a, Dd, Bb EE, kk