French Bulldog Crackers

Hi.  I am Crackers, the little Miss Independant at True Blue French Bulldogs.

I love to be the first out and the last in for any games or runs or play time.   I am a bit cheeky and try to avoid getting caught as I really just want to stay and play way past dark.   I do love the cuddles and smoochy stuff but would rather go and play outside no matter the weather.  I have little rocket legs.  I may be small but super fast.  Mum thinks I should do agility for speed.   I love to swim, go for walks and go for rides in the car.  Always happy to stop for pats and cuddles, but be quick as I have places to go and things to see and do.  Have to fit as much in a day as possible.  If you see me, come and say Hi.


Head of Speed, The Pocket Rocket...

Fawn.  Carries Blue.  100% clear of ALL hereditary Diseases.