French Bulldog Bree

Hi.  I am Bree, the Matron at True Blue French Bulldogs.  Mum thinks I am precious and this would be because I am.  Some might think of me as a bit of a snob.  They would be right!   I consider myself the Mother Hen of the group and take my role very seriously.  I let the others play rough ball games but I like to observe incase I may break a nail or get knocked about.  Its really not lady like to play all those games.

I like to play in the water but not swim.  I go for walks and for rides in the car which I really enjoy.  Always happy to stop for pats and cuddles whenever out and about.  If you see me, come and say Hi.


Head of Breeding, Matron of the Group

Red Fawn .Carries Blue. 100% clear of ALL Hereditary Diseases.