Red collar


cookie black tan 7

Female - SOLD
Enquiries Welcome
Color - Black Tan.
DOB - 7 April
Ready to Leave 02 June
She comes with our complete puppy pack and access to our membership only area.

Parents are Cookie and Mr Darcy

The French Bulldog is comical, entertaining and very loyal little dog. They are smallish in size but very sturdy. Large expressive eyes that suck you in every time. They can be a ball of energy usually in short bursts, love to play games and zoomies but do not require much exercise. Snorting, snuffling, and flatulence go with the territory. Many Frenchies are friendly with everyone and other pets while others are politely reserved. French Bulldogs will bark to announce visitors, but are otherwise quiet dogs. Comfortable in a small apartment or on a farm setting. Though they do feel the heat and cold so indoor living is required.

If you would like to enquire further on this little bundle please feel free to contact us and please use the pups id as a reference. We love to speak on the phone with our possible future extended family members to make sure this pup is going to be the right fit for your family and requirements. Happy families make for happy puppies. This is our priority for all our pups.

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